FAQ | EDP Running Wonders



1. What are the EDP Running Wonders?

The EDP Running Wonders races are races of athletics, competitive and recreational nature, which add one Half Marathon 21km, a Mini Marathon 10km (except Douro Valley, with just 6km) and a walk of 5 km.

2. What is the course?

On page of each of the races has an entry for each of the routes detailed.

3. How to Arrive?

Information available on the pages of each of the races. Due to the partnership with CP, we suggest you consult carefully the special access to each of the Running Wonders races.

4. At what time the races start?

In Guarda, Douro Valley, Castelo Branco, Dão, Coimbra and Évora, all races: Half Marathon, Mini Marathon and Walking, begin at 10:30 am. Races of Guimarães begin at 10:00 am.

5. There is a time limit to complete the race?

The Half Marathon and Mini Marathon last a maximum of three hours. After the passage of the last car of the race, participants who are on the course and wish to continue to do it will be under its responsibility and will have to obey the traffic rules – Highway Code.

6. The race has supply areas?

The water supply will be ensured by the organization of 5 by 5 km. Supply in the middle of “walk”.

7. What timing system used?

Chip – Electronic System for detection. Will be provided by the Organization a chip for the athletes enrolled in the Half Marathon – 21km and Mini Marathon – 10km (except Douro Valley whose Mini Marathon has no classification). Should put dorsal/chip fixed visible on the t-shirt, which should not be covered with other garments or transported on athlete’s hand. The organization is not responsible for the failure of the presentation of results resulting from misplacement of it. The chip is personalized and encoded for the athlete, and is also non-transferable. The Organization may disqualify athletes who finish the race with:

1. More than a chip;

2. A chip of another athlete;

The Walk will have no classification system because it is a non-competitive race.

8. Where can I see the results?

Results will be available on the site www.runningwonders.com at the same day.

9. There is a place to store objects?

The Organization provides a space for the wardrobe at the starting and finish line to the participants of Half anf Mini Marathon. To raise your property, you need necessarily to present your Dorsal. The mini marathon in Douro do not have access to the wardrobe.

The Organization assumes no responsibility for stored content.

10. There are showers available?

Available in all events, information on the race page.

11. Are there places to park near the place of star line?

When available, will be communicated in due time on the website and will be properly identified by the Organization.

Registration and Payments

1. Where can I sign up?

– You can subscribe in: www.runningwonders.com.

2. How can I make my application?

1º – Select the Inscriptions option in the Racing page;
2º – Select which race you want to register: Douro Valley, Guimarães, Dão, Coimbra or Évora and what proof: Half marathon – 21km, Mini Marathon – 10km, Walk – 5km;
3º- Fill out all fields and click Subscribe;
4º- A PayPal button will appear to make payment;
5º – After payment you will be contacted by the administration between 12-24 hours.

3. How can I make payment of registration?

Through PayPal. After making the payment, you will be contacted by the administration between 12-24 hours.

4. I have not received email confirmation, or payment details.

If so, please contact us directly to info@globalsport.pt.

5. I registered in the event, but I can not attend. Can I get a refund?

The organization reserves the right to not refund the registration fee, for reasons not attributable to the Organization.

6. I have lost my registration receipt. How do I get my kit of participation?

In case of loss/forgetfulness of receipt, you can ask for it through info@globalsport.pt.

7. How do I get paid receipt?

Under the legislation, the issue of invoice must be requested after act of payment via info@globalsport.pt. It has three days to request the same.


1. Where and when can I pick up the dorsal?

The secretariat of the race in place to be announced. The dorsal delivery will take place in the two days prior to the race, and on the day of the race, before departure.

2. Can I pick dorsal of other athletes?

Yes, you can raise a dorsal of someone else, however you will have to present receipt of enrollment and a copy of the identification document.


1. I get a prize if I participate in the Half Marathon or Mini Marathon?

Participants of the Mini (Except in the Douro Valley) and Half Marathon ending the race receive a medal. You may have a cash prize according to your ranking. See the paytable.

2. According to the regulation my ratings give me an award, how do I raise it?

The awards will be payed within 30 days after the event by bank transfer. Athletes will have available in the page of each event a link to fill out the prizes form. The form must be duly completed and must attach a copy of the identity card / citizen’s card, invoice / receipt or receipt isolated act. Only after this process the transfer will be made. Prizes are subject to tax according to the tax law in force.