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EDP Distribuição Guarda Half Marathon

Portugal's Highest Race

I edition | April 2nd, 2017

EDP Distribuição Guarda Half Marathon

April 2nd, 2017

Registration fees until March 28th: Half Marathon, €10; Mini Marathon, €8; Walking,  €5.

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The highest city of Portugal!

A splendid Territory, with more than 800 years of history, with so much to feel, to taste and to tread!
On November 27, 1199, the city of Guarda was founded – by means of a charter of D. Sancho I – with the purpose of serving as administrative center, commerce and defense of the border of Beira against the Realms of the Plateau From the center of the Iberian Peninsula: first, the Kingdom of Leon; Then Castile and finally Spain. It was this purpose that gave rise to the name of City of Guarda.

Heiress of a rich and unique cultural heritage, the Guarda encloses in its walls more than 800 years of History and it holds one of the most beautiful and best preserved patrimony built of all the country.

At the highest point of the city rises the Tower of Menagem, symbol maximum of all the defensive structure and sign of the courage of these people who throughout the centuries defended the Portuguese border. The Sé Catedral, true icon of the City, has constructive and aesthetic qualities that impose it as one of the major monuments of the whole history of Portuguese architecture.

The Municipality of Guarda is situated in the center of the Beira region, between Planalto Guarda-Sabugal and Serra da Estrela. This privileged location allows its approximately 712.11 km2 of area to be shared by the hydrographic basins of such important water courses as the Mondego, Zêzere and Côa Rivers.

At 1056 meters altitude, one of the most stunning District Capitals of Portugal, where air is considered the purest of the pure, and the most generous people of the good people! Recognized as the City of 5 F: Farta (Full), (Forte) Strong, (Fria) Cold, (Fiel) Faithful, (Formosa) Beautiful, the City of Guarda enchants us on arrival, fascinates us in the stay and embraces us in the departure.

5 F’s !? Why?
Strong: given the hardness of the granite, which characterizes its unique landscape, and the imposing defensive system that once stood and still preserves today.
Full: for its fertile valleys, especially the Mondego Valley, and water courses that guarantee the sustainability of who inhabits it and for the varied and rich gastronomy, which does not leave indifferent who savor it.
Cold: given the mountain climate that gives it the beauty and unrivaled brilliance of the whiteness of the snow, which turns it and paints it in white.
Faithful: because Álvaro Gil Cabral – who was Alcaide-Mor of Guarda Castle and great-great-grandfather of Pedro Álvares Cabral – refused to hand over the keys of the city to the King of Castile during the crisis of 1383-85. He still had breath to fight in the battle of Aljubarrota and to take seat in the Cortes of 1385 where it chose the Master of Avis (D.João I) like King;
Beautiful: for everything that is and has: monuments, squares, streets and alleys, lots, gardens, parks, landscape and, above all, its people.

The air, historically recognized for health and purity, was distinguished by the European Bioclimatic Federation in 2002, which awarded the Guard the title of the first “Iberian Bioclimatic City”.

Besides being a historic city and the highest in Portugal, Guarda was also a pioneer in local radio, and even Radio Altitude was considered the first local radio station in Portugal.

The whole region is marked by granite, by the contrasting mountain climate and by its pure and cold air that allows the cure and manufacture of smoke and cheese of high quality.

For all this and much, much more, Guarda City is a Guest Destination for the Running Wonders EDP circuit, the biggest and most fascinating Race circuit in Portugal, so in 2017 it will be here that our first stage will take place, believing that The experience will be unique and unforgettable.

Welcome to the Highest City in Portugal!


EDP Distribuição Guarda Half Marathon

21,097 km

Official course, with regulatory measures, certified by the Portuguese Athletics Federation.


Sé: Municipal Stadium: 40.535642, -7.277571
Hours: 11h15 – 14h00
Park “POLIS” – bathhouses “POLIS”: 40.548799, -7.246460

Bathhouses São Miguel Municipal Sports Pavilion: 40.547377, -7.251449
Hours: 11:15 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.

Prize Table

Check the prize table.


Paço da Cultura

The secretariat will be held on March 31 and April 1 from 10 am to 7 pm and on April 2 from 8 am to 9:30 am.

Parking Lot

Park “POLIS” (5 parking lots): 40.549299, -7.244713
Palace of Culture (rear, limited space): 40.537407, -7.266943
Next to the City Hall of Guarda – 40.535981, -7.266825
R. Dom Miguel de Alarcão 17- 40.538175, -7.269453


Transportation will be provided for departure (“Sé da Guarda”) from 08h30 to 10h00, for athletes interested in parking near the finish line (Pólis Park). The collection will be made next to the roundabout of the pedestrian bridge, (Polis Park area), to Alameda de “Santo André”, 600 meters from the departure.

At the end, from 12.00, there will be available transport from the pedestrian bridge to the “Santo André” Mall for the athletes who initially park in the “Sé” area.

Traffic Cuts

Praça Luís de Camões (street direction Francisco de Passos), from 9:00 am on March 31 to 6:00 pm on April 2.

Rua da Direção Geral de Viação (only for the last 300 meters of the route), from 08h00 on the 1st of April until the 18h00 on the 2nd of April.

Parking is prohibited from March 31 to April 2:

Praça Luís de Camões (street direction Francisco de Passos), from 00h00 on March 31 to 18h00 on April 2nd.

Rua da Direção Geral de Viação (only for the last 300 meters of the route), from 00h00 from April 1st to 06h00 on April 2nd.

General Conditions of Participation

First edition of the EDP Distribuição Guarda Half Marathon – Highest Race of Portugal, April 2nd, 2017, starting at 10:30 in Guarda. The race takes place in Praça Luís de Camões. The Highest Race in Portugal is a GlobalSport organization, through Running Wonders EDP, with the support of Guarda Municipal Council.

The race has the tests of Half Marathon (21 km), Mini Marathon (10 km) and Walking (6 km). The Highest Race in Portugal has a maximum duration of three hours. The organization controls the pace of the Walk. Registration is limited to ten thousand participants and can be held at

All participants enrolled in the Half and Mini Marathon are offered a kit that includes a technical t-shirt *, to participants enrolled in the Walk is offered an official t-shirt * Running Wonders EDP, whose use is mandatory during the race. All participants are entitled to free proof insurance.

Along the way, several regular points of water supply are assured. Participants in the Half Marathon also have available isotonic drink supply, and fruit at the end of the race. The race is attended by a medical team, which together with specialized ambulance service provides all possible medical support necessary during the course of the races.

The Highest Race in Portugal has a podium ceremony for the top three finishers in the Women’s and Men’s Half and Mini Marathons, with exclusive prizes Running Wonders EDP. All participants in the Half and the Mini Marathons receive a participation medal. Those classified in the Half and Mini Marathons can consult, after the race ends, their digital certificate online. In the Walk there is no classification.

For more information, please refer to the Regulation of the Highest Race in Portugal or the answers in Frequently Asked Questions.

* The size of the t-shirt is limited to the existing stock.

EDP Distribuição Guarda Half Marathon

Highest Race in Portugal

It takes place on April 2nd, at 10:30 am in Guarda. There are three events: Half Marathon (21k), Mini Marathon (10k) and Walk (6k). The EDP Distribuição Guarda Half Marathon is a GlobalSport organization, through the Running Wonders EDP.


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How to arrive

Origin PORTO. Follow the A1 towards Lisbon; Follow the exit for the A25 towards Viseu; Continue on the A25 towards Guarda.

Origin LISBON. Take the A1 towards Porto; Follow the exit for the A23 towards Abrantes / Castelo Branco / Torres Novas; Continue on E802 to Guarda.