Douro Valley Transport | Running Wonders

Special Transport


The organization provides transport to the destination place free of charge for all participants as follows:


Exclusively for the participants of the half marathon (21 km) until sellout.

Train schedule – 8 am, 8h41min, 9h16min, 9h42min.

Athletes have the right to place on the train just in selected time. If for some reason lose their train, you can proceed directly to the place of departure by own means not guilty the organization of any responsibility;

Athletes who for personal reasons prefer the bus can select this at registration and is subject to availability and timing thereof on the same day;


To participants in the Mini Marathon (6 km) and Half Marathon (21km), subject to availability of time and existing posts:

Bus schedule – 8 am, 8:30 am, 9 am, 9:30 am.

At enrollment all athletes Half and Mini Marathons necessarily have to select the time the train / bus intended;

The mini marathon participants must wear the official shirt of the event for boarding;

The distance from the starting to secretariat is about 6km.

The Organization prepare a thorough logistics so that access to each of the respective transport is speedy and fast enough to placing all participants on time at the place of departure for which we thank the collaboration of all.

Régua – Estação de Comboios (Local Output Train/Bus)

Barragem da Régua (Departure)