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EDP Distribuição Castelo Branco Half Marathon

Happiness Race

I edition | September 10th 2017

EDP Distribuição Castelo Branco Half Marathon

September 10th 2017

Registration fees until September 3: Half Marathon €15; Mini Marathon €10; Walk €5.

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Welcome to the Race of Happiness!

The EDP Distribuição Castelo Branco Half Marathon joins the spirit of the EDP Running Wonders circuit, in a great territorial celebration of an place full of history, culture, flavors and knowledge!

If it is true that linen is embroidered here better than anywhere else, it is also true that here the story was drawn with the passion that characterizes the great territories! From the Paleolithic to the Templars, there were many stages in which the wonderful history that gave life to Castelo Branco was built.

Here, in September, we will be attending a stage, with the birth of EDP Distribuição Castelo Branco Half Marathon, at the momentous celebration and experience, where we will do everything so that, at the end of this stage, everyone truly feels the power of the Happiness.

Welcome to Castelo Branco!



"Ex-Quartel de Cavalaria - Largo da Devesa"

The secretariat will be held on 8 and 9 September from 10 am to 7 pm and on 10 September from 8 am to 9:30 am.


GPS: 39.822988, -7.491010

Castelo Branco Route

21,097 km

Official route with regulatory measures, certified by the Portuguese Athletics Federation.

Prize Table

Check the prize table.

Parking Lot

See the various existing car parks.


You can use the shower at

“Pavilhão Municipal de Castelo Branco”

Adress: Av. Rotary 11, 6000-087 Castelo Branco, Portugal

GPS: 39.823065, -7.504329

Schedule: 11.00h- 14.30h

General Conditions of Participation

First edition of EDP Distribuição Castelo Branco Half Marathon – Race of Happiness, September 10, 2017, from 10:30 am, in Castelo Branco. The race takes place in “Largo da Devesa”. The Happiness Race is a GlobalSport organization, through EDP Running Wonders, with the support of the Castelo Branco City Council.

The race has the races of Half Marathon (21 km), Mini Marathon (10 km) and Walk (5 km). The Happiness Race lasts for a maximum of three hours. The organization controls the pace of the Walk. Registration is limited to ten thousand participants and can be held at Alegro Shopping and

All participants enrolled in the Half and Mini Marathon will be offered a kit that includes a technical t-shirt *, to participants enrolled in the Walk is offered an official EDP Running Wonders t-shirt, which use is mandatory during the race. All participants are entitled to free proof insurance.

Along the way, several regular points of water supply are assured. Participants in the Half Marathon also have available isotonic drink supply, and fruit at the end of the race. The race is attended by a medical team, which together with specialized ambulance service provides all possible medical support necessary during the course of the tests.

The Happiness Race has a podium ceremony for the top three in the Women’s and Men’s Half and Mini Marathon, with exclusive EDP Running Wonders prizes. All participants in the Meia and the Mini Marathon receive a participation medal. Those classified in the Half and Mini Marathon can consult, after the race ends, their digital certificate online. In the Walk there is no classification.

For more information, please refer to the Happiness Racing Regulation or the answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

* The size of the t-shirt is limited to the existing stock.

EDP Distribuição Castelo Branco Half Marathon

Happiness Race

It takes place on September 10, at 10:30 a.m. in Castelo Branco. There are three events: Half Marathon (21k), Mini Marathon (10k) and Walk (5k). The EDP Distribuição Castelo Branco Half Marathon is a GlobalSport organization, through EDP Running Wonders.


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How to Arrive

Origin PORTO. Follow the A1 towards Lisbon; Exit at Coimbra and follow the IC8 toward Castelo Branco.

Origin LISBON. Take the A1 towards Porto; Exit at Torres Novas and follow the A23 towards Castelo Branco.

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